The Importance of Giving

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle ….” – The Buddha

‘Tis the season of giving … for donors everywhere. Non-profit organizations will soon be sending their Annual Fund appeals in the hopes of capturing the interest of potential contributors interested in year-end tax benefits. For many, this is the time of year to consider their philanthropic interests.

What does it take to pull a heartstring? Does every appeal have to pull a heartstring? Some appeals will be short and sweet while others will take many pages and inserts to prove a point — or several — of need.

A succinct description of an organization’s mission will sometimes suffice. If donors believe in what an organization is doing, they will want to support it. However, a little testimonial goes a long way. Showing the results of donor involvement speaks volumes of why an organization needs to be supported.

I believe the above quote is the perfect definition of giving. Whether donors give $1 million or $1, they may never know how many people will benefit from their generosity. Sometimes making a gift is like planting a tree under whose shade others will sit. It may never benefit the donor, but a gift is sure to benefit someone.

I encourage you to consider who might need your help. Your school? Your library? A research organization? The disenfranchised population of a foreign country? You may never know who the beneficiary of your specific gift will be, but you will know that you helped advance an organization’s cause and, therefore, helped someone in need.

Give what you can. Your participation will be more valuable than waiting until you can give that million dollars. Go ahead — light a candle or two.


About the happiness plan

There is comfort and a knowing of place in the always-have-been. I can do change though; just don't thrust it at me. I am trying to be better at thinking outside the box and some days it actually works. My advice? Don't plan on accidental happinesses. Go out there and find them yourself. You are the solution.
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